Water Boilers & Kettles

Water Boilers & Kettles

Water boilers and kettles selected to meet every requirement, ranging from 2 litre catering kettles through manual fill water boilers to autofill wall or counter mounted boilers. Selected from leading manufactures such as Burco, Lincat and Instanta, we belive that these units offer the best monetary value whilst providing proven reliabilty.

Manual Fill Water Boiler

At Chetton Hill we try to offer customers a range of products from different manufacturers, with manual fill water boilers we feel that the Burco water boiler is so dominent within the market in terms of reliability, quality of manufacture and value for money we need only supply boilers from the one supplier. With a products ranging from 2.5 to 30 litre we are confident that there is a Burco water boiler to meet any requirement.

Wall Mounted Water Boilers - Auto Fill



High performance wall mounted boilers are the perfect solution to hot drink requirements where space is limited. Wall Mounted Water Boilers are available from Burco and Instanta (Manufactured in the uk) in sizes delivering 3,5,7,10 or 25 litres in a single draw and from 15 to 57 litres per hour. Small and medium sized models are available with a choice of impact resistant moulded plastic or stainless steel cases.




Single Tap Counter Mounted Water Boilers


High performance counter mounted water boilers from Instanta, Burco and Lincat provide a perfect solution to all boiling water requirements. With boilers including the latest Instanta 2013 product range and Lincat's revolutionary EBF range, these boilers offer the latest development in boiler technology coupled to the quality associated with UK manufacturing.


Twin Tap Counter Mounted Water Boilers

Where there is a high demand twin tap water boilers allow fast delivery of boiling water effecdtivly and efficiently. The range of twin tap water boilers from Instanta and Lincat include water boilers that can deliver up to 50 litres at one time with an hourly output of up to 85 litres, coupled to the manufacturing excellence and reliability associated with the Lincat and Instanta brands.  

Catering Kettles


Stand alone Catering Kettles from Burco with capacities of either 2 or 4 Litre provide a robust and stylish way of providing smaller quantaties of boiling water. All units are manufactured in Stainless Steel with automatic safety cutout devices and non slip feet to ensure that boiling water is delivered in a safe yet stylish manor.